Great empathy guides great hospitality, great hospitality guides great focus, and great focus guides great business. We provide food service operations at 6 different Cummins locations in the South Central Indiana area. We offer a diverse menu variety that meets the dietary needs of both the blue and white collar workforce. Our 6-week menu cycle is designed with many diverse brands and concepts developed by our own management team and allow our guests to have a unique workplace dining experience. 

About Us

Our mission is to provide convenient, efficient, cost effective, and high quality food, beverage and hospitality services in a safe way that helps deliver the right environment, improve productivity, encourage healthful choices and contribute to employee recruitment and retention. 

Our Mission.

Deliver innovative food service and hospitality programs and strategies that enhance the Cummins experience by hiring and training associates that align with our values, generating diverse menus that produce net positive energy, increasing participation and fostering future growth.

Our Vision.


Our Values.

Not only do we service in house meals in our cafes, but we also provide catering services for all types of events ranging from all day coffee service, boxed lunches, hors d’oeuvres parties, plated dinners, to week long conferences. Our catering brand "Fresh Fork" caters not only to Cummins facilities, but also provides catering services to local and surrounding community organizations, hotels, and event centers.


We put a great emphasis on wellness by implementing different programs such as Balance while also requiring our chefs to provide vegan options at all our serving stations. We take pride in also providing nutritional information in the meals we serve such as calories, macros, ingredients, common allergens, and even carbon footprint.

We are partnering with different cross-functional teams to tackle projects such as Garbage to Gold, as a means of implementing composting as the primary way of waste removal and the Cummins Zero Plastic 2030 Initiative.



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